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Although pricing commercial loans is highly dependent on the "competition", how does an organization know the loans being priced meet its own financial objectives? Treasury Management Services, Inc's loan pricing model, PULPS™, is designed for use by individual lenders within the organization to assist in pricing each of their loans to meet the corporate financial objectives. The analytics behind the pricing, coupled with the ease of use, makes PULPS™ a valuable tool for both large and small financial institutions.

  • Modeling establishes discipline in commercial loan pricing thereby reducing time spent in committee on pricing issues and more time allotted for credit issues
  • State of the art model to assist in setting loan pricing to meet management hurdles of return on assets and/or return on equity
  • PULPS™ Allows for multiple loan pricing to analyze several "what-if" scenarios of the same loan, or multiple loans from a single borrower
  • Flexibility of model allows for administrative changes, i.e. yield curve, origination costs, servicing costs, tax rate, hurdle rates and risk costs that can be viewed by all users but only changed by administrative staff
  • "Point and Click" usage of the model makes it easy for the user to learn and utilize
  • Training time is minimal
  • Advanced usage allows for development of retail lending programs
  • Once loaded on institution's computer server, easily accessible to all users, or can be stand-alone on each user's computer - even a laptop for usage on customer calls if desired

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