Established in 1998, Treasury Management Services, Inc. was founded to provide comprehensive treasury services to small and mid-sized financial institutions as a cost-effective means of implementing a high quality ongoing treasury management program.

What Bankers Say About TMS

"Phill Rowley has been teaching balance sheet risk management to experienced bank officers for over 26 years at Pacific Coast Banking School. Over this period of time, participants from all sizes of banks from across the country have consistently rated Phill in the top ranks. Participants speak of his superb ability to communicate, his extensive expertise and knowledge and his personable style and wit. Phill's dedication to and understanding of the industry, make him one of our best instructors and one of the best in the country in his field."

Lydia Philpott, COO
Pacific Bankers Management Institute

Software Support

Support is available only for Treasury Management Services, Inc. product line software. All questions, comments, and inquiries regarding our software may be answered by emailing info@treasurymgmt.com or contacting our support desk at (360) 896-2945.


The emphasis is on total balance sheet management. This is in contrast to managing individual segments of the balance sheet to the detriment of others. By working with Treasury Management Services, Inc., a financial institution is able to outsource critical elements of a high-quality comprehensive treasury program.


Loan Pricing

Take the mystery out of loan pricing. PULPS™, an advanced tool for pricing loans and understanding the profitability of your loan portfolio. Big bank technology that small to intermediate size banks can afford. Maximize your bank's bottom line with PULPS™.

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Loan Profitability System

Develop a commercial loan profitability system using state-of-the-art methodologies. A customized system that allows your bank to easily determine the profitability of each commercial loan in the portfolio and provide reports tailored to meet the needs of the organization.

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Treasury Management

Work with the financial institution to develop proactive strategies to best utilize all assets and liabilities of the organization to enhance earnings within established guidelines. The principle is to assist the president, chief financial officer or controller in all areas of treasury services to include asset/liability management, investment portfolio management and corporate funding.

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